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How Much Does Cancer Treatment Cost In Mexico?

Cancer treatment in Mexico is much less expensive than cancer treatment in the United States, Canada or Europe.

A general rule of thumb is that cancer treatment in Mexico will cost about one fifth of what it costs in other countries, which is why tons of patients travel from all over the world to bank on their savings.

We have assembled a complete guide that includes costs for cancer treatment at the most trusted licensed cancer treatment centers in Mexico and other relevant pieces of information regarding what’s included in your treatment program so you may make a more informed decision.

Where Are The Best Cancer Treatment Centers in Mexico?

Because of its proximity to the United States, the city of Tijuana is where the best cancer treatment in Mexico takes place.

The city of Tijuana is a popular medical tourism destination for American, Canadian and European patients.

When patients travel for cancer treatment in Mexico they most often arrive at San Diego International Airport, located only 20 minutes north of the US/Mexico border.

If you’re interested in learning what cancer treatment centers in Mexico have the best results, we’ve narrowed down the top choices for receiving cancer treatment in Mexico.

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